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American winger Zach Parise of the Minnesota Wild predicts a lot of controversy if players go to South Korea anyway against the NHL's wishes and possibly those of their owners.

Crosby said there's "always that possibility" that the door remains open for a deal to get worked out.

The NHL said they were unwilling to disrupt their season in order to allow the players to take part at Pyeongchang 2018 and claimed "no meaningful dialogue has materialised" after months of deadlocked discussions.

"Yeah, I didn't change my mind", Ovechkin said. Due to the NHL's recent decision, that dream becomes a bit more hard.

The decision by the NHL must be a "huge disappointment" for players, the IOC said Tuesday, saying it would not treat the commercial league "better than non-for-profit worldwide sports federations".

According to ESPN, the NHL had been hoping to strike a deal with the International Olympic Committee, which offered to pay for travel and insurance for NHL players, or the NHL Players Association to make some concessions in the collective bargaining agreement, but nothing materialized.

The NHL has allowed players to participate in every Olympic Games since 1998. Athletes from around the world make their living playing in the National Hockey League, and now that living will prevent them from participating in one of the world's most prestigious competitions.

Other fans were concerned about the quality of the players that will be sent to the Olympics. "So, I don't know, somebody [is] going to tell me 'don't go, ' I don't care, I just go", he told reporters.

The NHL's decision not to release players for next year's Olympics in Pyeongchang, South Korea comes as a surprise to some of the Canadian players at the women's world hockey championship.

The decision will impact nearly every major hockey-playing nation with the Swedish, Finnish, Russian, United States and Canadian teams nearly entirely comprised of NHL representatives.

"I don't think we should predict now what will happen until 2022", he said.

"We now consider the matter officially closed", the league announced in the official statement on the matter, published on their website.

Darryl Sittler says he understands the risk National Hockey League owners take to send players to the Olympics, but adds that it's worth it for the experience it gives them.

Russian Federation and Capitals star Alexander Ovechkin still plans to play in the 2018 Olympics, despite the NHL's decision not to have its players participate.

"Athletes, as I understand, will still have the option to play but they have to work that out with their teams and they're under contract and I don't really know the ramifications of not being able to acquire insurance for these athletes", she added.

The Games are being held in Pyeongchang next February.

Meantime, CBC is also hoping viewers will still tune in to its Olympic hockey coverage, even without NHL involvement.

"The League's efforts to blame others for its decision is as unfortunate as the decision itself", the statement said.

  • Julie Sanders