He's how tall? Birth stats out for April the giraffe's calf

At 8 a.m. Saturday, he posted a second song, "All the Waiting is Over" which he wrote about five days ago in anticipation of the baby boy giraffe's arrival.

Many people speculated on when she would have her baby, but on April 15 the calf finally came!

The private NY state zoo where internet sensation April the giraffe lives have revealed her newborn calf is a boy. Some viewers had previously complained that the content was "sexually explicit", resulting in YouTube briefly taking down the live stream in February.

Adventure Park owner Jordan Patch says mother and calf are both doing fine. Her pregnancy lasted 15 months. Animal Adventure Park plans to give an update on that soon.

Like Patch, giraffe mom April also appears to be internet savvy.

No immediate details on the calf were announced, but they usually weigh around 150lb (68kg) and are about 6ft (1.8m) tall at birth.

According to the zoo, this is the 15-year-old's fourth calf, though the first with her new partner Oliver.

April will raise the calf, with weaning expected to take between six to 10 months. Patch was able to zoom in and provide an exceptional view of the birth compared to the YouTube giraffe cam that only showed one angle. "You even get to decide your own spelling".

Animal Adventure Park in Harpursville, N.Y. has devised a contest that begins immediately.

After the end of the first part of the contest, the park will reveal the top 10 names and voting will begin on those names.

  • Salvatore Jensen