Fast and Furious 8 features a Maine-built tank

The eighth film in the franchise is named as such because the future of the diverse group of racers is called into question, and it's what's called a "critic- proof movie", meaning those who will see it don't much care whether those who review it are fans. The mission goes smoothly until Dom turns on his crew and steals the super-dangerous electromagnetic pulse generator they were meant to recover. Dom is also injured in the battle and eventually has to be pulled from the wreckage.

The gang of engine-revving, invulnerable hero drivers work to stamp out the threat of the villainous Cipher (Theron), whose nefarious hacking skills match the improbable powers of those of the wheelmen.

Just as he gets back into enjoying his honeymoon with Letty (Rodriguez), Dominic crosses paths with Cipher, a cyber terrorist and criminal mastermind. Yes, that's right... Dom has a son, which is interesting since at the beginning of the film he and Letty talk about having children (or at least allude to it).

Most of us got into this gig because movies are fun, and the "Fast/Furious" movies are some of the most fun of all.

The movies are just becoming more and more of a showboat for Vin to be the big action hero, the guy who gets the girl, the guy who everyone wants to be and the big leading man. Nobody's new sidekick, dubbed Little Nobody (Scott Eastwood), seems to exist only to fill Walker's slot of a blandly handsome actor who can drive.

Worst of all, Cipher is a villain that spends 90% of the film behind a headset and computer. The most spectacular addition to the cast is, however, Helen Mirren who plays Deckard Shaw's mother. It is definitely not the best movie in the franchise, but for the most part, it does its job and is satisfying. Heck, they even have a tank. Cipher also remotely takes command of a submarine that winds up chasing down our F&F heroes over miles of ice, with the submarine chase sequence easily topping the ludicrousness of all past Fast and the Furious action sequences. To see the actress that gave one of the greatest lead actress performances with Monster left to whisper commands through walkie-talkies and throw her trashy dreads throughout scenes is embarrassing.

In the "Furious" franchise, Diesel is never the most interesting person on screen, but as a producer, he has a talent for assemblage, surrounding himself with some of our most charismatic performers. And then we had to look for Dom Toretto.

And speaking of the cars, the scene involving self-driving vehicles is like nothing I've ever seen and even though self-driving vehicles are now being tested, it'll probably leave some people wondering if they're such a great idea after all.

  • Salvatore Jensen