Borussia Dortmund boss vents frustration at UEFA decision

"We produced a good result but it's only half-time of the quarter-final".

Flying glass from a shattered window broke the wrist of one of their players, Marc Bartra.

The match was played this morning with Monaco running out 3-2 winners.

But Dortmund chief executive Hans-Joachim Watzke said Tuesday that a congested calendar meant there was little option for postponing the game further.

It is remarkable how they were able to turn around after all that and play the following evening.

"It is destabilising but we are professionals, we must get accustomed to everything, even in the most extreme conditions". We give them our full support.

Tuchel said: 'It looks like Marc Bartra will return to the team in four weeks. "He would like to play now".

Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp admits he was scared for his former Dortmund players. "It was the most hard day that I have lived in my life and I hope that nobody else has to live this day".

It was unusual, I was really concerned. We wanted to have a bit more time to deal with it.

"Of course it affected everyone on our team", Dortmund winger Christian Pulisic told British broadcaster BT, sidestepping questions about whether the game should have gone ahead so soon after a traumatic incident.

"I don't know if the people can understand this but until I was on the pitch I didn't think about football to be honest", the 28-year-old told Norwegian channel Viasat. I was waiting like the rest of the world for more information. "(On Tuesday) night we felt it".

"There were no other alternatives than to play".

"We love football, we suffer with football, we love football. I get goosebumps.when we were in the bus last night, I can't forget the faces", the Turkish midfielder said.

"It took a lot of courage and we showed that, but it's not been forgotten or worked through yet".

Another man, aged 28, is also under suspicion over the attack, however he has not been arrested. "You're the best athlete if you're not anxious".

Dortmund's current coach, Thomas Tuchel, said late yesterday his team had felt ignored by Uefa over the decision to reschedule the match so quickly.

However, the governing body issued a statement saying the Bundesliga club agreed to the rearrangement of the game.

Borussia Dortmund players had to, though, less than 24 hours after a bomb attack on their team bus.

"I am just happy to be alive, it was the worst day of my life", he added, referring to the night of the attack.

Despite this, an arrest warrant has been requested for the Iraqi national in order to keep him in custody, according to the BBC.

  • Julie Sanders