Americans are not confident in Trump's ability to deal with North Korea

China's United Nations ambassador, Liu Jieyi, called the Korean situation "tense" and repeated China's call for a return to dialogue with North Korea.

(AP Photo/Wong Maye-E). Han Song Ryol, center, North Korea's vice minister of foreign affairs speaks during an interview with The Associated Press on Friday, April 14, 2017, in Pyongyang, North Korea.

Trump also praised Chinese President Xi Jinping, whom he met in Florida a week ago, and the government of China for "working very hard" to try and help resolve conflicting issues with North Korea.

Han said: "We are comparing Trump's policy toward the DPRK with the former administrations and we have concluded that it's becoming more vicious and more aggressive". 83 percent of Republicans said the response was about right, while 62 percent of Democrats said he was still too friendly toward Russian Federation.

He said the administration would instead follow a legal precedent based on a 2013 court ruling that determined visitor logs were presidential records and not subject to the Freedom of Information Act. We have given them total authorization, and that's what they're doing. The yen erased declines and equity markets open in Asia extended losses as a North Korean official said the country "will go to war" if America chooses to provoke it.

Earlier this week, Trump ordered a U.S. Navy strike group and North Korea has responded with the threat of a nuclear attack.

The bombing comes on the heels of last week's airstrike on an airbase in Syria - military action that was prompted by a chemical attack carried out by the Syrian regime against its citizens. And it will continue developing its nuclear program and conduct its next nuclear test whenever its leaders see fit.

We've got a big problem. Missile defense would be of limited use against short-range rockets and of no use against North Korea's hundreds of artillery pieces, many of which target Seoul, the South Korean capital. "The problem will be taken care of", he said. Last week, Trump faced strong pushback from the right for green-lighting a USA missile strike on a Syrian air base. North Korea's a problem.

Stocks from Tokyo to Taiwan dropped, while the yen gained, amid an uptick in political tension after a U.S.

Han told AP that Pyongyang won't "keep its arms crossed" in the face of a US pre-emptive strike.

While the report noted that the preparing to use missiles and bombs in its possible attack, Trump is also considering putting "special operations on the ground", a risky proposal from a reckless president.

  • Leroy Wright