Were you 'Seen' at Gator Country's egg hunt?

Rolling Plains United Methodist Church also held their Easter egg hunt this afternoon.

Hundreds of children turned out to search for more than 6,000 eggs containing goodies such as candy, toys and cash prizes.

A day before Easter, there are many egg hunts around the Capital Region but one has a very special cause.

Even though the Easter egg hunts were the main attraction of the event, it wasn't the only thing that kids could do to celebrate. A bullfrog catching contest and show featuring Big Al were among the family-friendly activities hosted by the gator-catching crew.

However, this year's event was slightly different.

"We had over 12,000 eggs that were dropped and we saw about 2,500 people come through", said Associate Pastor Dan Dykes. "This is just another way to love our community".

"We are here because of the community".

The event was organized, as in the past, by the Lompoc Kiwanis Club and the city of Lompoc's recreation department.

She said that the idea for the customized egg hunts came through a little investigation.

Nearly 300 hundred kids and adults showed up to hunt 4,000 eggs.

Rolling Plains has three worship services on Easter.

The forecast in Kochville Township called for sunny with a chance of raining Easter eggs on Saturday afternoon.

  • Zachary Reyes