Star Wars Rebels is Ending with Season 4, Here's the New Trailer

Few weeks back, Todd Fisher, brother of Carrie Fisher told New York Daily News that he and Carrie Fisher's daughter, Billie Lourd, had given Disney and Lucasfilm permission to use the recent footage of the "Star Wars: The force Awakens" star in 2019's "Star Wars: Episode IX". "She thinks that Todd Fisher was "confused" when he made his earlier statement about his sister being in the ninth film", said Kathleen Kennedy in her statement.

Despite the unfortunate announcement, the Lucasfilm CEO assured fans that they will be seeing more of the late Carrie in "Star Wars: Episode VIII" which is slated to hit the theaters on December 15. She has already appeared as Princess/General Leia in five movies.

Down at this year's Star Wars Celebration Orlando, a group of cosplayers went next level, recreating the final Vader scene from the last film released in the franchise, when he struck down a hallway of Rebel soldiers who were trying to transport the Death Star plans to safety. We're so happy that we were able to complete shooting in the summer. Even if they had to reduce her role significantly, we still think that she should have been included in Star Wars: Episode IX somehow. So, by the time we were well underway with "Episode Nine", in our thoughts we had not written the script yet. After all, she's a huge part of this franchise and to conclude the sequel trilogy without her just feels wrong. Unless more news comes out, then we'll update everything then. Last week Lego announced its exclusive "Star Wars" Celebration set, and Hasbro recently unveiled its 40th Anniversary Legacy Pack.

  • Salvatore Jensen