Samsung Galaxy S8 Won't Launch With Bixby Voice

Samsung notes that key functionalities of Bixby such as Vision, Home, and Reminder will be available in all markets out of the box, with Bixby Voice coming first in the United States "later this spring." . While most of Bixby's functions resemble those of the Google Assistant, the former had a few aces up its sleeve that give it a unique identity to some extent. If this doesn't work properly, then the next announcements made by Samsung won't be given any importance. "Bixby Voice will be available in US English later this spring, and will expand to more languages globally over time". We at Droidmen, think that it is a some major issue which might create a wrong image about Bixby assistant in the minds of people.

Samsung Galaxy S8 will launch worldwide on April 21st 2017.

Tech Crunch reported that the Samsung Galaxy S8 will delay its English version (meant for the western users) of Bixby voice assistant. For this year, Samsung needs to prove the critics and doubters wrong.

At the time of unveiling the Galaxy S8, Samsung promised that the full version of Bixby will be ready for prime time use when the device will go on sale.

A statement issued by Samsung to IBTimes UK read: "All Bixby functionality, bar the Voice Function, will be available to UK customers at launch". However, some integrated card features are expected to be there on the device.

SAMSUNG has ditched one of its flagship smartphone's most anticipated features just days ahead of its release date. Bixby can be accessed via a dedicated button on the devices, and supports voice controls, interactions with a limited range of apps, contextual awareness, and visual search features.

  • Arturo Norris