Protesters say Trump keeping tax returns secret is worrying

A comedian impersonating President Trump during Saturday's Tax March in Washington, D.C., mockingly "released" Trump's tax returns, hurling streams of shredded paperwork into the crowd.

Trump was the first major-party nominee in more than 40 years not to release his tax returns, saying it was because he was under audit.

According to recent polls, a group rallying Saturday on South Clinton Street wasn't alone - about 74 percent of Americans want the president to release his taxes. Trump's break with precedent has raised questions about possible conflicts of interest.

The protests were scheduled in almost 150 cities on what's traditionally known as Tax Day, according to the Associated Press.

More than 180 protests were planned across 48 states on Saturday.

Senate Democratic leader Chuck Schumer of NY has said Trump's refusal to release his returns could hinder Republicans' prospects for a rewrite of the tax code.

Back in January, the Trump administration tried to quietly put the issue under the rug when White House advisor Kellyanne Connway told ABC News Trump would not release his tax returns because voters "didn't care."

Some of the hundreds of marchers in Austin held signs with captions including: "What Are Your Hiding Mr. President?" and "We The People Want Wo See Trump's Taxes".

In West Palm Beach, some of those protesting said Trump's election as president had mobilized them to become much more politically active than ever before.

"You don't know which way the country goes", said Arlin next to her 89-year-old husband who fled Czechoslovakia during World War II.

Others at the march said they'd been out protesting nearly every weekend since Trump was sworn in.

Protesters also marched in San Francisco, Palo Alto, Milpitas, Walnut Creek, Novato and Santa Cruz in solidarity with the larger march in Washington, D.C.

Tuesday is the deadline for taxpayers to file returns.

"We march to demand that the President release his returns, as he has repeatedly promised, but failed, to do", the Tax March website reads.

She added there's nothing to prevent Trump from releasing his income taxes and that "the simple truth is he's got a lot to hide". "Ron Wyden called on Trump to 'knock off the secrecy". The Oregon Democrat and says the people have "a basic right to know whether the president pays his fair share".

Images of tax protesters in cities including Washington, Philadelphia, Chicago, Los Angeles and NY flooded social media.

  • Leroy Wright