Nintendo Switch Mini Coming in 2019, Say Analysts

This will be an intro or launch of this console, while the actual shipping will be starting from 2019. SuperData noted that it collaborated with market researcher Gfk and the Japanese gaming publication Famitsu to come up with the figure. Per SuperData's projections, Switch will shift over 7.2 million consoles in 2017, putting it over halfway toward the Wii U's total install base that took four-plus years to accumulate. That is up from its original forecast of 5 million units, showing that this is a better start than the research group was expecting. It's sold out at many stores, and Nintendo is struggling to keep up with demand. Granted there is a difference between shipped and sold, but hopefully Nintendo will add some clarity to the issue when it holds its quarterly financial meeting later this month. They revealed that "Breath of the Wild" sold 1.3 million copies across the Switch and the Wii U consoles in North America, IGN reported.

The iconic game company sold 906,000 Switch consoles in the March, making it the fastest-selling Nintendo game system in history and one of the fastest-selling game consoles of all time.

The new Nintendo Switch launched on March 3 and as expected, it sold out on launch day. With the Switch, Nintendo has once again delivered a different type of console, a meshing of earlier models while still avoiding a confrontation with the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on raw performance.

And now, analysts have predicted Nintendo will be trying to capitalise on the popularity of its latest console with another Switch device in the future.

The Switch is created to be played both at home and on the road.

For those that have been waiting anxiously for new Nintendo Switch units to be available, Nintendo's announcement might not be surprising. The summer will bring a handful of other games that'll get Switch users excited.

  • Arturo Norris