Mark Hamill pays tribute to Carrie Fisher

Star Wars Celebration is this week, which meant we HAD to get a trailer for The Last Jedi, and boy did we. Does it refer, as many fans think, to Luke Skywalker, or to young up-and-comer Rey?

The two-minute footage offers few clues - but it does feature Mark Hamill's Luke Skywalker, seen from a dark cave and saying ominously that "it's time for the Jedi to end". But this has been one of the teasers fans of Star Wars have been waiting to see ever since the complete production of the movie began.

Daisy Ridley did not really disappoint her fans by being tight-lipped about her character in Star Wars 8.

Disney and Lucasfilm announced via a statement released in January that they had no plans to "digitally recreate" the character of Princess Leia for the movie. If the tribute for Carrie at the Celebration showed us anything, it was that she was loved and that we surely miss her still. "What Rian [Johnson] wrote, and the performance she [Fisher] ended up giving; I think you guys will find that an fantastic tribute to her talent".

As startling as his statement is, a closer look at the events throughout the course of the Star Wars series shows that there might be a perfectly good reason for the Jedi to disappear.

What Luke Skywalker meant by this words will be revealed when "Star Wars: Episode VIII - The Last Jedi" premieres on theaters on December 15. Would the film (s) take place after Star Wars 9, or head the other direction, possibly before the start of the prequel trilogy? Hamill said his personal and professional life would have been diminished had she not been part of them. And when it comes to people asking him about Star Wars spoilers on Twitter, "I lie all the time".

How did you feel about the trailer and the series' end?

The trailer opens with a hypnotic sort of lullaby music and we get a glimpse of Rey tapping into the force. Unless more news comes out, then we'll update everything then.

  • Leroy Wright