Judge Neil Gorsuch Confirmed to US Supreme Court

The Senate confirmed Gorsuch by a 54-45 vote Friday, after Republicans triggered the so-called nuclear option Thursday to end Democrats' filibuster and require only 51 votes rather than 60 to end debate and proceed to a vote. Trump may be able to make further appointments to make the court even more solidly conservative, with three justices 78 or older: Ginsburg, 84; fellow liberal Stephen Breyer, 78; and conservative swing vote Kennedy, 80.

But the GOP members for a long time, by their actions, have indicated that if they had their way, our legislative system would be a one party system, that their ideology alone could bring justice and prosperity to our nation.

Justice Gorsuch had been a circuit appeals judge for the last decade, where he generally had to hear all cases assigned to him. "This week, the Republicans took decisive action to restore parity to the judicial confirmation process, and we commend them for it".

Justice Kennedy's presence was symbolic personally for Justice Gorsuch, who served as a clerk for Justice Kennedy and considers him a mentor. "And I got it done in the first 100 days!" he added.

"I am humbled by the trust placed in me today", he said after taking the oath. And there are cases already heard that might be deadlocked at 4-4 in which Gorsuch could be asked to cast the deciding vote after a rehearing. Without that number of votes, senators could filibuster the nomination.

Hannah Smith, an attorney with the Becket Fund, told The Washington Times that the Trinity Lutheran case is significant because the last time the court considered a similar kind of question dealing with the Free Exercise Clause was more than 10 years ago.

Referring to Gorsuch's predecessor, who was beloved by conservatives, Slattery said the new justice "will no doubt live up to the standard set by Justice Antonin Scalia". "But if Justice Gorsuch were indeed the fourth vote in favor of a grant, then the case could be granted".

In most ways, Gorsuch's résumé screams Supreme Court justice: Degrees from Columbia University, Harvard Law School and the University of Oxford. Gorsuch becomes the first justice to serve alongside a former boss. Gorsuch was raised as a Catholic, but he and his family attend an Episcopal church in Boulder.

Trump is anxious to celebrate Gorsuch's success because it is one of the few clear accomplishments of his young administration, uniting Republicans.

He also thanked by name Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and Senate Judiciary Chairman Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa, both of whom fended off Democrats' multiple attempts to derail his nomination.

  • Salvatore Jensen