Iran's Former President Has Registered To Run For Office Again

"Someone came to see me and considering his own interests and the interests of the country, I told him he should not participate in that matter [elections]", Khamenei was quoted by his official website past year, referring to Ahmadinejad.

But throughout Mr Ahmadinejad's presidency, Ayatollah Khamenei was wary of him, and his insubordination and relentless self-aggrandisement rankled the hardline clergy. The Ayatollah suggested Ahmadinejad throw his support behind his former deputy, Hamid Baghaie. This body of jurists and clerics who are close to Khamenei vets all candidates.

On Tuesday, Iran's Interior Minister Abdolreza Rahmani Fazli announced registration of candidates for Iran's 12th presidential race began in capital Tehran. "Hardliners have struggled to rally behind a single candidate to challenge President Rouhani, who's hoping that a general uptick in the economy since the Iran nuclear deal with world powers will boost his chances". Iran has claimed the program is for peaceful purposes.

In one sign of official discontent with his move, several pro-Ahmadinejad websites were blocked in Iran beginning Wednesday morning.

Ahmadinejad was also quoted as saying by ILNA news agency that "the Supreme Leader advised me not to run".

It will also be damaging to President Rouhani - especially with poorer voters who have yet to feel the effects of promised economic improvements following the nuclear deal, and could be swayed by Mr Ahmadinejad's populist rhetoric and promises to bring back subsidies to help people cope with inflation.

More than 100 candidates have registered so far for the vote.

Iran's former president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad registered for the upcoming Iranian presidential election on Wednesday.

Ahmadinejad's two consecutive terms (2005-2013), the so-called "Ahmadinejad era", were characterized by bad governance, suspected financial irregularities, heavy market intervention, and data rigging.

"It is necessary to heed to Khamenei's recommendations", Communications Minister Mahmoud Vaezi said without mentioning Ahmadinejad. The council is typically responsible for disqualifying the majority of registrants for making it to the final candidates list. President Hassan Rouhani, a moderate, is expected to seek re-election.

The registration process is to last for three more days and Iranians will go to the polls on May 19.

"I think the ruling system wants him to come as a reaction to Trump", Karegar said. While the deal has seen worldwide financial and trade sanctions lifted on Tehran, numerous benefits have yet to trickle down to the average Iranian.

  • Leroy Wright