Good Friday is being observed today

(John 3:17) The Jewish people were condemned by the very Word of God that they knew but ignored. That's why we sing our Alleluias for we know that Christ has been risen from the dead. Therefore, when Jesus came how could they really believe He was the fulfillment of all that God planned?

Ms Munyi said the festivities should be more about worship than holidaying, adding that people ought to shun anything that does not glorify God. It was not a good Friday.

The Christian holiday celebrates Christ rising from the dead after being crucified and signifies the beginning of a new season focused on resurrection and new life. Our churches that were less than full for the Good Friday services will be filled to capacity for Easter Sunday services. Both Maundy Thursday and Good Friday are held on our around the week-long Jewish festival of Passover. God swallowed up death for us.

April. 14: Good Friday was observed across the nation on Friday including Guwahati and Siliguri, marking the death of Jesus Christ and his crucifixion at Calvary Mountain. Make this your Good Friday!

In the Christian faith, this is a symbolic walk that Jesus took during his last three days on Earth in his human body that led to his crucifixion and resurrection.

Pascha is celebrated by Orthodox Christians across the world.

Yes. It's a Good Friday! Even during this time in the history of our country when many of us are experiencing uncertainty about what will happen to us, our country, and the world, we believe that God will take care of us no matter what happens. Jesus is alive, and because of that we can live forever. "It means that Jesus Christ died on the cross so that we could be delivered, and rose again as a sign of eternal life".

Easter is more than a day filled with parades, Easter egg hunts, and visits from the Easter bunny.

When you get up on Easter morning, I bet many of you have something waiting for you.

The Christian Community is called to see itself as people of the cross going through difficulties and people of the empty tomb and people of hope.

Which brings us to the question we always ask this time every year. That's why it was such a big deal back then. "May all of us, regardless of creed or race, join together in building a new society, marked by frank collaboration, mutual respect and inter-religious harmony", the Archbishop said.

"Christ died for us out of love".

  • Salvatore Jensen