Good Friday: Cleric urges Christians to emulate Christ's life of sacrifice

This year, all Christians are celebrating Easter on April 16. Holy Fire's appearance on the eve of Orthodox Easter after prayers of the Orthodox Patriarch, the clergy and thousands of pilgrims is called "the Miracle of the Holy Fire [Holy Light]". However, some states observe Good Friday as state holiday like Connecticut, Texas, Delaware, Hawaii, Indiana, Tennessee, Florida, Kentucky, Louisiana, New Jersey, North Carolina, and North Dakota.

"Among the essence of Easter is sacrifice, love for humanity and total submission to the will of God".

Marks said he usually expects about 300 people to attend church between the two services offered Sunday morning. As St. Maximilian Kolbe once said, "The Cross is the school of love", and St. Francis de Sales proclaimed, "Mount Calvary is the mount of lovers".

The Rev. Harlene Harden of Sycamore United Methodist Church said she would be reading from John 20, verses 1-18, in the Bible, which relays the story of Christ's resurrection. It's a way for us to rededicate ourselves to our Christian faith, realizing that this instrument, the cross, once a symbol of shame and degradation has been changed into a sign of victory. Many Christian organisations will hold conferences and meetings starting today in commemoration of the death and resurrection of Jesus. It's fantastic and everyone looks forward to it.

Why would I say that Jesus's death is more important than his birth? A deep joy fills him as he extends his arms on the cross, for all those sinners who will approach him will now know that he will welcome them with open arms.

Of course, I love the Easter church service - the tone turns from somber to exuberant and "hallelujah" is said a lot. Peter tells us here that on the cross Jesus provided atonement for the sins of sinners.

He then admonished them to imbibe and reflect on the lessons associated with the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus Christ, urging them to use the opportunity to pray for God's intervention in the affairs of the country, especially in bringing lasting solution to its economic challenges and making it a better nation.

He said there was the need for Ghanaians to emulate that flawless example of love and sacrifice by casting off issues such as politics, ethnicity, creed and social standing that divided them and pursue genuine peace and unity in their homes, schools, churches and offices.

I wish all Nigerians happy Easter celebrations.

  • Salvatore Jensen