Bishop Deshotel sends out Good Friday message

If she really, really likes it, you may be telling it over and over for quite a while.

In his Easter message to Ghanaians, Dr Nduom said: "The Easter season is upon us again, Christians and non-Christians alike". Won't you please, please tell me what we've learned? The story of Jesus - of his suffering, death and resurrection.

Fr. Steve Biegler said "Gives us hope that there's something bigger and more powerful than the greatest evil you can think of".

Nagaland also observed Good Friday by holding fast and special services in churches across the Christian dominated state. Many people celebrate Good Friday by going to worship services, praying, and fasting. Without his resurrection, there would be no Christianity; instead, we would simply be born, live, and die with no hope for eternal life.

At 3pm, a Good Friday mass was held to celebrate Jesus' Passion along with the Veneration of the Cross. Christians believe that it is the holiest day in the year.

This is when Jesus triumphantly descended into Hell during the time after his crucifixion, and before his resurrection and bought salvation to all the righteous that had died since the beginning of the world.

Good Friday is followed by Holy Saturday, in which Christians commemorate the day that Jesus Christ laid in the tomb after his death before His resurrection on Easter Sunday. Our human brokenness is revealed in the violence done to Jesus.

In the Central Division, St Pius X Parish in Raiwaqa was one of the churches that held a dramatic re-enactment of Christ's crucifixion.

Kinnan said "Usually when we get done with last year's, we get started for the new year's". The best response to the power and gift of the cross is to come with a prayer of gratitude. Some believe that the word "good" is a reference to the holiness of the day, while others argue that the word "God" was used interchangeably with "good" in ancient texts. However, did you know that the Easter Egg is a symbol for Jesus too?

  • Joanne Flowers