Apple Authorized to Test Independent Cars in California

Apple is now among the thirty or so companies that have a permit to test self-driving cars in the State of California.

Till then, Apple will probably be busy taking its autonomous cars to the streets.

A new name has showed up on California's growing list of companies allowed to test autonomous vehicles in the state: Apple, The Verge says.

But the New York Times later claimed that Apple had revised its downward ambitions and dismissed staff as part of a "reset" of the Titan project: instead of trying to design and produce a auto in full, The group would now concentrate on technologies allowing vehicles to drive independently. "At the time, it was seen as the strongest hint that Apple was still committed to self-driving technology". Apple has so far been conducting its evaluations privately, so applying for and getting a permit is a big step in realizing its vision.

Apple has obtained a permit to test self-driving vehicles, putting the iPhone maker in competition with Google and others. Its interest in autonomous vehicle technology, however, has always been clear. Recent reporting suggests that the company is no longer attempting to build its own autonomous, electric vehicle to compete with companies like Tesla, but is instead focused on developing self-driving software it can deploy in partnership with existing carmakers. The company is only testing components of a self-driving vehicle.

Apple executives have been coy about their interest in cars.

The California-based tech giant is expected to focus on software systems, letting partners manufacture vehicles, but would understandably want to be able to test its navigation technology in cars.

Apple does not test a full self-driving auto. Apple has reportedly a thousand workers assigned to the Project Titan. The company was "excited about the potential of automated systems in many areas, including transportation", it said at the time.

  • Zachary Reyes