WashPo: Judge granted Federal Bureau of Investigation warrant to monitor Trump aide Carter Page

Carter Page, a former foreign policy adviser on the Trump campaign, on Thursday conceded he "may" have discussed lifting USA sanctions against Russian Federation during a July 2016 trip to Moscow-just one day after claiming he "never" spoke about them on that visit.

Former Trump campaign volunteer Carter Page was placed under electronic surveillance by the Federal Bureau of Investigation last summer, according to unnamed government officials who spoke with The Washington Post Tuesday.

Tapper then pressed Page to be transparent and clear his name by sharing who hired him for the Trump campaign, but Page refused to provide a name.

Page first popped up on the FBI's radar roughly four years ago during an investigation into Victor Podobnyy, who was ultimately charged with acting as an unregistered foreign agent acting on behalf of Moscow.

SHAPIRO: Trump aides have downplayed Page's involvement in the campaign even though Donald Trump named Carter Page as an advisor to The Washington Post editorial board.

By the time of the FISA order, Trump had access to a broader range of foreign policy experts, and it appears that, at this stage, Page's role in the campaign was insubstantial.

Page described himself in the past as a junior member of the Trump's campaign's foreign policy group. A year ago, Trump personally singled out Page, by name, as one of only a handful of people who were advising him on matters of foreign policy. "I have nothing to hide".

The FBI, Justice Department and White House declined to comment, The Post reported.

According to FBI Director Jim Comey, there is an ongoing FBI investigation into whether Trump associates colluded with Russian Federation in their efforts to interfere with the presidential election. That includes the possibility that US citizens - and particularly Trump advisers and associates - might have cooperated in Russian attempts to influence the election in Trump's favor.

"Who knows what the exact basis of it is", said Page.

This was part of the investigation into the possibility of connection between the campaign and Russian Federation, the law enforcement as well as what other US officials said.

"They knew from previous cases back in 2013 that Mr. Page had engaged with ... what he thought was a Russian diplomat [who] turned out to be an intelligence officer for Russia", Entous says. The newspaper provided no details about what information federal investigators may have obtained as a result of the warrant.

Russian Federation denies trying to influence the 2016 election.

Judges on the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court, which review FISA warrant submissions, approve virtually all applications. Such personnel and several other individuals are now part of the investigation into whether Trump's campaign colluded with Russian officials to swing the election in Trump's favor. While there, Page delivered a speech harshly critical of USA policy toward Russian Federation.

Page went on to say that "all of this false evidence that you've been hearing about, myself with the dodgy dossier.will have very real implications", and be a "real game changer". All requests for a FISA warrant must be approved by a FISA court judge, but do not have to show evidence of a crime.

In February, Trump fired him after it was determined Flynn misled Vice President-elect Mike Pence and others about his discussions with Kislyak. Parts of the Post report have been confirmed by Fox News.

  • Salvatore Jensen