"The Fate of the Furious" an enjoyable ride

The buzz isn't as big as it was for Furious 7, mainly because of that one being Paul Walker's last performance in the series.

I'm Johnnie-U, and this has been my movie review. And that's not even the best scene with Statham.

Luckily for Dom, Letty assumed he was being blackmailed all along, and it appears the two of them will raise Brian (named in honor of Paul Walker's character) together.

The film, apart from being utterly ridiculous, loud and amusing, is a bloated, entertaining action-packed thriller, where every element of "suspension and disbelief" of filmmaking is thrown into the script and for some odd reason, it all seems to work. But if you just want to have fun at the movies and love action, you're going to enjoy this.

This movie is so forgettable I nearly started forgetting about it as I was reviewing it. Accelerating speed and furiousness is pretty much a given when you've had eight tries at this. I always wanted to to switch back to the rest of the team. We watch them to see awesome cars doing incredible stunts.

Cipher takes great pains to figure out a way to approach Dom while he is on his honeymoon with Letty in Cuba.

Through some poor and predictable storyline, the baby only had a temporary name as Elena believed a father should name his baby. It also has its fair share of plot holes, but once again, I know the plot and acting take second place to the cars and the action. She coaxes Dominic to her side by showing him an image on a cell phone, pitting him against his makeshift family for a roller-coaster match of high-stakes bumper cars that take them from NY to Russian Federation.

If all of the Fast and Furious movies before this have been like, familyfamilyfamilyfamilyfamily, then The Fate of the Furious is the first installment that's about family. Luckily, a surprise cameo by another great actress - who I was shocked to see - did not go to waste.

All up Helen Mirren was in the film for about five to 10 minutes, and while those were some great minutes and she was hilarious in them, none of those scene involved her driving a vehicle! "He only has one big brother in this film world and that's me".

If there was a list for the most unnecessary sequels of all time, The Fate of the Furious would be a serious contender to top the list. For a large, large portion of the movie, you're kept in the dark about why he is forced to go around the world and stealing some government-altering weapons. You may roll your eyes when you think about what's actually going on in the story, but you'll absolutely forget all about the silly stuff the first time you hear the sound of an engine revving. I would tell you.

  • Salvatore Jensen