Stockholm attack suspect 'admits terrorist crime,' lawyer says

On Friday afternoon, a stolen truck rammed into a crowd on a major pedestrian street in Sweden's capital, Stockholm.

Akilov had argued that "only a lawyer of this faith could assert his interests in the best way", the statement said. Police have not given a motive for the attack and no group has claimed responsibility.

He was arrested in Marsta, a suburb north of Stockholm, several hours after the attack. Akilov was arrested early Saturday.

The construction worker had an asylum request rejected by Sweden a year ago and was arrested several hours after the attack in the Stockholm suburb of Marsta, police said.

Two Swedes, one Belgian and a Briton were the victims of the last Friday attack. "We will never let terror prevail", Wanngard said.

Akilov had asked for his defence lawyer to be replaced by a Sunni Muslim but a court denied his request, documents show.

Police official Jonas Hysing said Akilov applied for residency in 2014 and was informed in December 2016 that he had four weeks to leave the coutnry.

Swedish police have arrested an Uzbek native in connection to Friday's deadly terrorist truck attack in Stockholm.

The truck used in the attack was owned by beer company that said it was hijacked during a delivery.

The 39-year-old native from Uzbekistan has been remanded in judicial custody for a month, reported Reuters. Police said he was already wanted for failing to comply with a deportation order.

"The bombings in Syria have to end", he was quoted as saying.

"A confession is not enough to be convicted of a crime, other evidence is needed to back this up", Ihrman told reporters at the courthouse.

The Times also reports that the Swedish Security Service, Sapo, had warned in March that an attack by a lone terrorist was likely to happen in the country within the year.

According to the prosecutor, "the suspicions have weakened" against him, and there were no grounds to apply for a detention order.

After the attack, Swedish Justice Minister Morgan Johansson told AFP that he is seeking to toughen the nation's terrorism laws.

  • Leroy Wright