Star Wars Rebels Season 4 Panel Live Stream from Star Wars Celebration

Launching in September from writer Kelly Thompson and artist Marco Checchetto, Captain Phasma will be part of the Journey to Star Wars: The Last Jedi publishing program — and well get to see her escape from the doomed Starkiller Base. The teaser does not feel its 2:12 minutes, giving very few plot points to fans, concluding on the revelation that Luke Skywalker wants to end the Jedi.

Aside from the expected Jedi training under the tutelage of Luke Skywalker (Mark Hamill), the video also featured Rey (Daisy Ridley) gasping for air that as if someone has choked her, Gizmodo, reported.

"It's so amusing when people started asking that when the title was announced, because I had never even pondered that question", Star Wars director Johnson said in an interview with Good Morning Britain. I would do insane things to amuse her on the set.

The actor added, "What that symbolizes is her freedom within herself and the freedom of being who she wanted to be". "Star Wars Episode 8" will be out on December 15.

The movie poster of "The Last Jedi" seems to hint onto that perspective as it showed both faces of Luke and Kylo side by side while Rey is at the center with her arms raised holding a lightsaber. I said, "I'm really hungry and I'm sick of eating chicken breasts and salad" and she goes, 'Oh!

It has already been confirmed that Fishers character, the iconic Leia Organa, will appear in the latest trilogy's final chapter, the as yet untilted Episode IX, reportedly utilising scenes filmed for The Last Jedi. "And then clearly something's taken him away", she said.

"I remember during Empire we were split up storywise; it was a hard film to shoot and there was a lot of tension on the set".

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