'Mother Of All Bombs' Kills Dozens Of ISIS Fighters In Afghanistan

"As ISIS-K's losses have mounted, they are using IEDs, bunkers and tunnels to thicken their defense", said Gen John Nicholson, commander of the U.S. forces in Afghanistan, in a statement shortly after the strike.

"The trend over the last 15 years has been to go smaller and more accurate with our weapons", he said.

According to Pentagon spokesman Adam Stump, it was the first time this type of bomb had been used in combat and was dropped from a MC-130 aircraft.

Joseph Jakubowski also mailed a 161-page manifesto to President Donald Trump, according to authorities.

Official video shows the sudden blast envelop a mountain valley in the Nangarhar province, where the terror group was making use of a network of tunnels and caves. Agricultural terrasses are visible in the footage, but no population centers.

It added that several caves and ammunition stores used by the militants were also destroyed.

Gen. Daulat Waziri, a ministry spokesman, said 36 IS fighters were killed, and that the death toll could likely rise. "Collapsing the Afghan tunnel escape system is good use of the long-stockpiled MOABs". He said the bombing was necessary because the complex was extremely hard to penetrate, with some tunnels as deep as 40 meters (43 yards).

"Frankly, dropping bombs is easy", said Moulton, arguing it will do little to change the situation on the ground in Afghanistan.

But the massive blast still terrified villagers 20 miles away across the border in Pakistan. But I guess this is what we should expect from a president who eats his steak with ketchup. "I jumped from my bed and came out of my home to see what has gone wrong in our village".

While the war in Afghanistan has largely slipped from public consciousness in the US, replaced by the conflict in Syria and ongoing tensions over North Korea, there are still around 8,400 USA troops in the country engaged in counter-terrorism operations. A colossal cloud of smoke climbs quickly into the sky. "When it dropped, everywhere it was shaking", resident Palstar Khan told Reuters news agency, adding he believed no civilians were in the area hit.

Another Achin resident, Mohammad Hakim, approved of the strike.

"Last night at around 7.30pm Daesh tunnels were bombed". "They killed our women, youths and elders sitting them on mines".

The MOAB and the MOP owe their origins to massive "Tallboy" and "Grand Slam" bombs developed by the British in World War II for use against Nazi targets such as V-1 and V-2 missile sites and the battleship Tirpitz.

Before the strike, CBS New correspondent David Martin says there were an estimated 600 to 800 ISIS fighters in Afghanistan.

US special forces and Afghan commandos are now inspecting the site, Nicholson said, adding, "the weapon achieved its intended objective".

Trump called Thursday's operation a "very, very successful mission".

"The Secretary General and I had a productive discussion about what more North Atlantic Treaty Organisation can do in the fight against terrorism", Trump said.

The statement could not be independently verified, and on Friday Afghan and foreign troops in the vicinity were not allowing reporters or locals to approach the scene of the attack. "It is upon us, Afghans, to stop the United States of America". The two militant movements are rivals of each other. Over the past year they have largely concentrated on a surge of attacks by the Taliban but on Friday the USA military appeared entirely focused on IS.

  • Joanne Flowers