Medical Marijuana Bill Making Its Way Through Legislative Process

The National Rifle Association and other state-based gun rights groups oppose the bill's mechanism for seizing firearms as well as its mandate on judges to issue court orders stripping gun rights.

Under chamber rules, for the Senate to consider that House bill, it had to change significantly.

DENVER (AP) - Colorado lawmakers on Thursday backed off plans to become the first USA state to regulate marijuana clubs, saying approval of Amsterdam-style pot clubs could invite a federal crackdown.

The Senate has already approved its version. Even if the pace picks up, it will likely remain well below the 39 bills passed in 2011 - which is the fewest in any year since statehood.

The oil tax and credit overhaul that passed the House would, among other things, eliminate cashable credits for the North Slope and result in a tax increase at oil prices between about $50 and $100 per barrel, according to a Department of Revenue analysis. He indicated that many in the Senate favor a regulation and taxation model, which the body passed twice past year only to see it die in the House.

"The intention of that is not to withhold state funds, but it's to create a sanction that is serious enough so that local entities with comply with the law", Garrett said. "I think it's something that's very doable that we should deliver to this state".

The House version also cut wording in the Senate version that a department can not "discourage" a police officer from enforcing detainer requests.

Senate Bill 5289 would prohibit holding an electronic device — including phones, tablets and other electronic devices — while driving, including while in traffic or waiting for a traffic light to change.

Nome Democratic Rep. Neal Foster said the combination of bills is needed.

There are several issues that separate the two chambers. That legislation could be voted on by the Senate and sent to the House to be reviewed in the second half of the biennium.

The Senate plan sought to limit future state spending.

This week, Senator Robert Nichols (R-Jacksonville) passed Senate Bill 1524 from the Texas Senate, which creates a permit allowing vehicles to carry oceangoing or worldwide trade shipping containers within 30 miles of a port of entry, or an global bridge. He said he understands why the larger body has been slower. Now, by the way, it isn't a fair comparison to call the House slow or anything like that. Where do we want people to use it if not at home? "The Senate can be and is more nimble".

The Texas proposal is now stalled by House Republicans who oppose the measure.

"Planned Parenthood is glad to see the measure defeated, but the fact that it got to the Senate floor shows there is still an extreme faction in the Senate that is out of step with everyday Coloradans' lives". The judge had sided with special prosecutors who claimed that Paxton allies had spent the past two years tainting the jury pool in Collin County.

Senators say lower spending and an improved revenue outlook mean the state can balance the budget without an income tax.

"I have heard that there are some of my Senate colleagues that would rather not be asked to consider the legislation".

  • Joanne Flowers