Man dragged off United flight reportedly prepares to sue

Thomas Demetrio and Stephen Golan, aviation lawyers who are representing David Dao, held a press conference where Crystal Dao, one of Dao's five children, also spoke. Senior Republicans and Democrats on the Senate Transportation Committee demanded answers from United Airlines CEO and the Chicago Department of Aviation about the removal of the passenger in the video. "This can never, will never happen again", Muñoz said.

In an interview on Good Morning America on Wednesday, Munoz once again offered his apologies to Dao and said that passengers being removed by police if flights have been overbooked would not happen again.

Dao, though, refused to be bumped and was dragged off the plane by armed police - in full view of other passengers and their smartphones. Travel and public-relations experts say United has fumbled the situation from the start, but it's impossible to know if the damage is temporary or lasting.

In the future, law enforcement will not be involved in removing a "booked, paid, seated passenger", Munoz said. Videos widely-shared on social media captured the incident prompting mass outrage against United and forcing the airline CEO to "deeply apologize" to Dao.

The chief executive also went back on his initial classification of Dao as a disruptive passenger and said he wasn't at fault for the breakdown.

"No, he can't be", Munoz said. Munoz called the embarrassment a "system failure" and said United would reassess its procedures for seeking volunteers to give up their seats when a flight is full.

The passenger was identified as Dao, a 69-year-old physician from Elizabethtown, Kentucky.

Those documents are often the first steps toward a lawsuit. The department announced Wednesday that two more officers have been placed on leave.

No eyewitnesses on the plane have suggested that Mr Dao did anything but refuse to leave the plane when he was ordered to do so.

The airline announced Wednesday it is "reaching out" to customers on the United Flight 3411 and "offering compensation for their flights".

  • Leroy Wright