Kendrick Lamar's new album, 'DAMN' is here! Stream it now!

A cursory listen tells me (and you) that DAMN. is following Butterfly's grand precedent: the album is stamped all over with Lamar's signature brand of banging mainstream hip-hop and profound conscious rap.

Indie electronic duo Wake Island announce the release of their new EP, Sentimental Animals.

If Lamar is suggesting he took the blue pill, social media and Reddit users have argued this could mean the second album is titled Nation, which, together with the fist album title, spells Damnation.

If you're into Internet sleuthing, fan conspiracies, and that kind of thing-there are also some pretty compelling rumors floating around that this may not be the extent of the new Kendrick. a departure from that sound with a strong focus on lyricism, but was switching it up the right move for Kendrick's career? One week later came a stunning video for a new song, "HUMBLE".

There are a few more collaborators on Damn, but take it from Complex Music to take a closer look at the other players besides the talented Lamar.

There is now a list of rumors going around from an unidentified source explaining clues about this double-album theory. The audio from Fox News also appears on the album's second song, DNA, while the Poetic Justice hitmaker addresses USA network bosses and Geraldo directly on the third tune, YAH.

Punch, c0-president of TDE has shared a lost verse from the track "Pride" on Kendrick Lamar's new album DAMN. Sounwave is an in-house producer at Top Dawg Entertainment.

Is it possible that Kendrick has a big reveal up his sleeve for Sunday? He sent out two cryptic tweets late last night.

Having just graduated high school past year, Lacy reflected on how far he's come so quickly. In six years, Kendrick now has four straight incredible albums, and over time, DAMN might just prove to be the best.

  • Salvatore Jensen