His Crucifixion: NB residents remember the suffering of Christ

Zabrosky, 51, of Greensburg said the pathos of Jesus' suffering comes through more in his acting than in his words.

"You have to devote yourself a lot, and not just individually but get help from others", Garza said. It also marks the beginning of Holy Week including Holy Thursday which commemorates Jesus' last supper and Good Friday, which commemorates His death on the cross.

Pastor Chip Steffy of the Rockford United Methodist Church tried something different this year in an attempt to bring a faith-changing experience on Good Friday. The cross was carried by young people and the group of approximately 30 followed along the way. It may be time to drop these habits, the Catholic Church said.

"It was a big success, about 300 people came", he said. "You don't realize what actually happened (in the Bible) until you see it". When asked how he felt about the more than 1,000 people who are expected to attend, Cory said "The crowd is impressive, but there is an intimacy that each person can have with Jesus".

Alvarez, whose body was covered in scars and blood, suffered several theatrical beatings by Roman soldiers as they went station to station highlighting pivotal moments on Jesus' path to the cross.

The church started the re-enactment six years ago, following the suggestion of a spiritual renewal committee. The event took followers through Girard Park, and was followed by Good Friday services in the Church as soon as it was complete. The angle allows him to consider the play of light and shadow on each relief as he carves.When he finished the final relief, this is how he felt: "It's about time", he said, laughing.He's passionate about showing them.

"We have to adjust our lives to the model of our life which is Jesus, and sometimes making that adjustment in our lives is hard", Saenz said.

  • Salvatore Jensen