Flash floods kill at least 17 in northwest Iran

Severe flood and landslide in western and northwestern parts of Iran have so far claimed 35 lives and left 8 missing.

According to East Azarbaijan crisis management organisation up to now, 14 have died and at least 3 gone missing in Azarshahr and some 4 individuals are missing and 15 are dead n Ajabshir.

Iran's state television on Saturday showed images of flooded houses and cars carried away by the surging water following the torrential rains that began on Friday.

The province's other counties, Sa'ei said, had not reported any deaths or disappearances.

Most of the victims were from Ajab-Shir and Azar-Shahr regions in East Azerbaijan province.

Meanwhile, search and rescue operations continue in the areas hit by the floods, and military and law enforcement forces have been asked to assist.

An Iranian Red Crescent Society's Search and Rescue Department official said more than 1,150 people in 33 cities and villages were rescued.

  • Leroy Wright