Catholics celebrate Holy Thursday, Good Friday

It's not respecting another person's beliefs that causes many of our worldly problems, whether in 33 AD or 2017. It is really sad that some people don't realize this happened for us.

Of course, for us the most important time was the birth of Jesus Christ, which we celebrate in December during the Christmas season.

"Easter was the pagan holiday celebrating the springtime and the new life of nature", Oliver explained. Special prayers and worship services were held in various churches of the state.

Dr. Wilson explains, on Easter morning the disciples saw Jesus' grave clothes lying on the cold slab, still wrapped round and round. An evening Divine Liturgy is served, at the end of which the good tiding of the glorious resurrection of the Savior is proclaimed: "Christ is Risen from the dead; Blessed be the Resurrection of Christ!". The idea of observing Good Friday is left to numerous faithful to keep in their hearts, or take a personal day from work. Let him say not merely, Christ is risen, but I shall rise.

The Rev. Julie Krahn started her Good Friday reflection by asking the Bethlehem Lutheran Church congregation for a show of hands.

Good Friday is the second of four intensive days on the Christian calendar culminating in Easter Sunday, which commemorates Christ's resurrection.

The early Christians referred to the first day of the week as, "The Lord's Day", and it is the resurrection that caused them to move their main day of worship to Sunday. "You don't need to go to Google for your answers; God has an answer for your loneliness, and it is Jesus Christ His Son". Many people eat dinner with family as a way to spend time with family on this day.

This is when Jesus triumphantly descended into Hell during the time after his crucifixion, and before his resurrection and bought salvation to all the righteous that had died since the beginning of the world. What He did and said is recorded in the Bible so that we may believe that Jesus is the Messiah, the Son of God, and that by believing, we may have life in His name (John 20:30-31).

According to the history, the full-moon day which falls on or after the equinox will give you lawful Easter. Before you read any further, do you know the answer? That's why it was such a big deal back then.

  • Salvatore Jensen