'Angel Of Death' Killer Dies After Prison Beating

A fellow inmate at Ohio's state prison is suspected of having beaten to death a serial killer who became known as the "Angel of Death" after a string of murders in the 1970s and 80s.

Donald Harvey, 64, was found Tuesday beaten in his cell at the Toledo Correctional Institution in Toledo, Ohio, where he had been serving four life sentences, authorities say.

A convicted serial killer known for taking the lives of more than 30 patients under his care as a nurse's aide died Thursday following a brutal attack at an OH prison.

Donald Harvey was allegedly beaten Tuesday afternoon at the Toledo Correctional Institution in OH, where he is serving time for murder.

Donald Harvey is led back to jail in 1987 after pleading guilty to eight murder charges and one voluntary manslaughter charge in London, Ky. Most of his victims were patients at OH and Kentucky hospitals where he worked as a medical assistant.

He agreed to a plea deal that allowed him to avoid the death penalty and was serving multiple life sentences.

After Harvey was arrested in 1987, his mother, Goldie McKinley, said: "He's still a good boy". During the motorcyclist's autopsy, the doctor smelled cyanide in the man's stomach cavity, according to the Times.

Others were suffocated in their hospital beds, either with their pillows or by oxygen tanks that he refused to refill.

"The Ohio State Highway Patrol is investigating the incident", Smith says.

From 1975 to 1985, Harvey worked at Cincinnati's Veterans Administration Medical Center. Donald Harvey was convicted of killing 37 terminally ill patients under his care during the 1970s and 1980s.

Harvey used arsenic and cyanide to poison most of his victims, often putting it in the hospital food he served them, prosecutors said.

He said he committed his first murder when he worked at Marymount Hospital in Kentucky in 1970.

A relative of one of Harvey's victims tells The Associated Press it's a shame to hear that Harvey had died.

"Mr. Harvey joined in the joking, and because his victims were old or in poor health, their deaths did not arouse much suspicion". He is eligible for parole in 2043 at the age of 95. "They just pronounce him dead and send him straight to his funeral home".

Harvey said in the 60 Minutes II interview that his biggest regret was getting caught and that one of his greatest fears was becoming a patient himself.

"He's no mercy killer", Arthur M. Ney Jr., the OH prosecutor who handled his case, told the court in 1987.

  • Larry Hoffman