All user reviews of Fast And Furious 8

The 8th installment of the Fast And The Furious franchise collected approximately 11.25* crores yesterday and now stands with the grand total of 26 crores. After 8 movies that becomes a moot point. It expands. Vin Diesel and the F&F mind trust won't throw out anything that works and, going on eight movies now, it pretty much all works. "Furious 7" opened with $147 million domestically.

The best part is that before the fight even begins, Shaw places a set of headphones over the baby's ears and puts on "The Chipmunk Song" to keep him occupied as Shaw moves from one man to the next.

Tragedy struck with the death of series co-star Paul Walker. Furious 7 would've been a meaningful ending for the franchise and would've wrapped it up in a way that felt satisfying. This responsibility is what basically wrote him out of the franchise.

The Fate of the Furious is now in theaters. And with new self-driving/self-parking auto technology becoming more popular, it's easy to see why this was utilized for this film. Diesel plays Dominic Toretto, who has risen from the Los Angeles outlaw street racing scene to a sort of career as a freelance worldwide driver specializing in the extraction, transportation and removal of highly sensitive material. His goal is very dark, " entrusted us Charlize Theron in particular about his character. After all, while this series now makes over $1 billion per film, it still has never had a talent like Charlize Theron!

Chris "Ludacris" Bridges has a few amusing moments, and Jason Statham gets to showcase a rare comedic side. And that's not even the best scene with Statham. She plays a foul-mouthed criminal, and it's a shame that she doesn't get more screen time. The movies have grown from a simple tale of street racers into battle royale with more carnage than a weekend at a Transformers bonding retreat. We'd sign up for a Statham-Mirren London underworld spinoff in a minute.

All up Helen Mirren was in the film for about five to 10 minutes, and while those were some great minutes and she was hilarious in them, none of those scene involved her driving a auto! The give and take between these two characters gave those movies heart. Especially because the plot is insane, what with a big finale that involves a freaking submarine in Antarctica. He seemingly draws heavily from that film, a fun heist caper that involved some memorable vehicle chase scenes.

If you're into these movies, you'll still enjoy it.

Although F8 brought the kind of fast-moving action and exotic locations these movies are known for and we get to see the return of so numerous old crew, I'm not sure continuing down this road is going to have the same kind of impact as before.

  • Leroy Wright