Activists Plan 'Tax March' At Trump's Mar-A-Lago Resort

Is this a "friends and family" plan, or are you a President in the public interest?

Massachusetts Peace Action took donations via PayPal to "make the Tax Day Rally as big as possible".

Mike Litterst, a spokesman for the Park Service, said the Tax March and the Science March the following weekend are among the largest protests the agency is expecting this spring in Washington. 'My comments today did not reflect the president's, were a distraction from him and frankly were misstated, insensitive and wrong.' He added, 'Obviously it was my blunder.' The interview capped several attempts by the White House to clarify Spicer's statement.

"Donald Trump absolutely needs to release his tax returns".

So curious are Americans to understand the nuts and bolts of Trump's fortune that last month MSNBC host Rachel Maddow touted a major expose of Trump's 1040 tax form from 2005, garnering her one of the highest ratings spikes of her career.

Organizers hope to call attention to the fact that Trump is the first president since Richard Nixon to refuse to release his tax returns, and to prepare for a fight on tax policy. Often they state that we should lower the income tax rate to a number that is actually higher than the current top rate. He argued that, in many cases, Republicans were re-elected in districts Clinton won because voters thought she would be president and they wanted a check on her power - an argument some congressional Republicans themselves made as the election neared. We know that taxes help provide clean air and water, safe food and drugs, passable roads and bridges, protective police, successful schools and so many things that make our communities livable. We need to make a fundamental change. A year ago, 57 percent of Americans polled told Gallup they pay "too much" in federal income taxes; note, though, that 45 percent of Americans pay no federal income taxes at all.

"We're going to be coming up with a very strong trade package, much of it aimed at China", Schumer said on the call.

Though Trump has transferred control of his businesses to his sons, he has not fully divested from them.

"The American people are outraged that President Trump has broken his promise to release his taxes raising doubts and casting shadows over countless actions taken by his administration", Karen Hobert Flynn, president of the watchdog group Common Cause, said Friday. Presidents are not required to release their tax returns but have done so voluntarily dating to the 1970s.

"The core of this really is ... the American people are trying to decide, and will have the responsibility of deciding, are Donald Trump and the Republicans in Congress fighting for us or fighting for them?".

Lawmakers in Congress like US Sens. We Democrats want to get it done.

Now, progressives are applying this playbook in their own quest to reverse their political fortunes, with marches planned in 120 cities from San Francisco to Salt Lake City. In an ideal world, a democratically elected government collects taxes from its residents and uses them to better their lives. And since Trump is likely the earliest declared presidential candidate for a second term (he began his 2020 candidacy immediately after inauguration), we figure he cares a little bit about being on those ballots. Almost nine in ten (88 percent) believe it is important for Trump to release his tax returns in order to "be more honest and transparent with the American people", including 62 percent who think it is "very important". In a poll released Thursday by Global Strategies Group, 80 percent of voters said Trump should release his returns, including 64 percent of Republicans. Last fall, The New York Times reported that Trump reported a massive $916 million loss in 1995, which enabled him to avoid paying income taxes for decades. There is a reason that the most popular petition on an issue on the website now is almost 1.1 million strong in its demand for Trump's taxes to be disclosed.

  • Salvatore Jensen