U.S. intercepted chatter between Syria chemical experts before attack

President Vladimir Putin said ties between Russian Federation and the United States appear to have deteriorated under Donald Trump in an interview released Wednesday as the countries' top diplomats met in Moscow.

The news conference came after Russian president Putin met the top American diplomat for nearly two hours to see if they could rescue relations between the world's mightiest military powers.

He had spent two hours in Moscow meeting with Lavrov and Russian president Vladimir Putin.

All of this comes after Trump authorized the use of Tomahawk missiles to strike a Syrian airfield last Thursday in response to a chemical weapon attack that killed dozens of people.

Both disagree on the approach to Syria and traded words over what exactly should be done. "So what I said [to Xi] is 'we've just launched 59 missiles heading to Iraq'". A four-page official report presented by the National Security Council contains declassified United States intelligence on the recent attack that killed many children. "We think there needs to be a thorough investigation into this incident".

The U.S. has blamed the chemical weapons attack on Syrian President Bashar Assad, who has been fighting a civil war against various opposition groups since 2011.

But Russia insists that there should be an investigation.

"We do think it's important that Assad's departure is done in an orderly way", Tillerson said.

In response to Russia's disdain towards Donald Trump's decision to attack Syria, the White House accused Russian Federation of covering up the Syrian government's role in the recent chemical weapons attack.

After the session, the Syrian ambassador was asked by CNN to comment on President Donald Trump's remarks in an interview that Assad was "an animal". On the question of pushing for the ouster of Assad, there have been conflicting statements from senior administration officials.

But Mr Lavrov argued that this would only help Islamic militants.

Mr Lavrov said Russian Federation "saw some very troubling actions regarding the attack on Syria". "We consider it of utmost importance to prevent the risks of replay of similar action in the future".

Washington has said it is hoping to pry Russian Federation away from its support for Assad, but the Kremlin on Wednesday decried any calls to drop the Syrian leader as "pretty absurd".

Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson has said he is "dismayed" at Russia's veto of a United Nations resolution condemning the use of chemical weapons in Syria, saying: "This puts Russian Federation on the wrong side of the argument". It would be naïve to interpret the US strike in Syria as a substantial policy change, since Trump's overall Syria policy has not been revealed yet.

He said: "So Russia faces a choice: it can continue acting as a lifeline for Assad's murderous regime, or it could live up to its responsibilities as a global power, and use its influence over the regime to bring six long years of failed ceasefires and false dawns to an end".

Tillerson, whom Putin awarded the Order of Friendship in 2012, was perhaps best suited for the mission of reestablishing communications.

  • Larry Hoffman