Russian, Iranian presidents denounce United States strikes against Syria

The strike followed a chemical weapons attack on the rebel-held town of Khan Sheikhoun, which the US believes was carried out by Assad's forces.

But Haley reiterated her statements about further actions in Syria in her interview with Tapper.

"We will act when we need to act", she said.

Top aides to President Donald Trump demurred on Sunday over where USA policy on Syria was headed after last week's retaliatory missile strike, leaving open questions about whether removing Syrian leader Bashar al-Assad from power was now one of Trump's goals.

After the US attacked a Syrian airbase with cruise missiles in response to the chemical attack, both Russian Federation and Iran said they will "respond with force" if there were further USA strikes targeting the Assad regime.

But Ms Haley warned that the U.S. was prepared to "do more" if needed, leaving the door open for more military intervention as the worldwide community awaits a response from President Assad and his allies.

"If you look at his actions, if you look at the situation, it's going to be hard to see a government that's peaceful and stable with Assad", she added.

In a significant shift from the White House's stance on the Syrian president - just a week ago the Trump administration acknowledged the "political reality" of Assad remaining in power - Ms Haley said that Mr Assad must go.

One Syrian, who fled the country amid its ongoing civil war in 2011 at the age of 17, explained on "Fox and Friends" over the weekend exactly how he felt after Trump chose to push back against Assad after years of inaction by former President Barack Obama. The senator said it's imperative now to have a clear, carefully devised strategy for Syrian action.

Mr Tillerson is due to meet his Russian counterpart, Sergei Lavrov, in Moscow on Tuesday.

Russia also had a presence at the airfield, prompting questions as to how much the Russian military knew about Tuesday's attack which left more than 80 people dead.

The statement, released by the Ilam al Harbi (War Media) outlet, apparently mocked former President Obama's warning to Assad in 2012 not to cross a "red line" with his use of chemical weapons or face a military response.

Mr Tillerson is likely to raise the issue of the continued use of chemical weapons in Moscow this week.

Russian Federation is the Syrian government's main ally, and helped facilitate a 2013 agreement to destroy Syria's chemical arsenal.

  • Leroy Wright