FBI Reportedly Obtained Warrant To Monitor Trump Adviser

The deliveries of constituent signatures come in the wake of media reports late yesterday revealing that Trump campaign advisor Carter Page was under investigation by the FBI last summer resulting in the granting of a Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) warrant by a secret court.

Citing law enforcement and other USA officials the Post reported that the warrant for Page was obtained last summer by the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Justice Department from the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court.

Former aide Carter Page, an oil industry consultant, spoke out amid reports that the FBI investigated him past year for ties to Russian intelligence.

The FBI investigated Trump campaign adviser Carter Page previous year over worries he could have been working for Russian Federation, the Washington Post has reported. Trump's campaign later attempted to distance their operations from Page, calling his role, "informal".

Again, Page has denied any malfeasance, adding that what this development does confirm is that he was under politically motivated surveillance. As Time reports, warrants permitting surveillance are granted as long as there's probable cause that the target is an agent of a foreign power - and they are hardly ever denied.

Among the details the Federal Bureau of Investigation provided the court were contacts between Page and a Russian intelligence operative in New York City in 2013, the sources told the Post.

Page on Thursday dismissed the FISA claims on a "dodgy dossier" of "false evidence" sent by former Sen.

Page is the only American to have his communications targeted by a FISA warrant in connection with the Russian probe in 2016, officials told the Washington Post. The FBI did not respond to requests to comment on the report.

These counterintelligence investigations on Russian Federation interference in the US election commenced in July.

Page himself told PBS NewsHour in February that he was a "junior member of the [Trump] campaign's foreign policy advisory group".

The unverified dossier compiled by former British intelligence officer Christopher Steele claimed that Page, who has long advocated for a closer relationship between the USA and Russian Federation, had ties to the Kremlin. When Tapper asked if Sam Clovis, another former Trump campaign official, was the one to bring him on, Page said, "no comment".

"I'm skeptical of it for a couple of reasons", Napolitano said.

During the hearing last month, Democratic lawmakers repeatedly singled out Page's contacts in Russian Federation as a cause for concern.

Days later, Page talked with Russia's ambassador to the U.S.at an event on the sidelines of the Republican National Convention.

MARTIN: Of course, now he's read your story in The Washington Post, so we'll await to see if he has any response. (None of this is to minimize the work it takes for the Post's reporters to cultivate sources in the toughest place in the country to do so.) I'm starting to lose track of all the low-running wars that are going on within this administration, but all the conniving and backstabbing and intrigue is one of the most Russian things about it.

Three years prior to his involvement with the Trump campaign, Page met with Russian intelligence officer Victor Podobnyy, who was charged in 2015 as part of a Russian spy ring attempting to gather information on US sanctions, BuzzFeed News reports.

  • Leroy Wright