FBI Obtained Court Order To Monitor Former Trump Adviser's Communications

Page has repeatedly denied any wrongdoing in his dealings with the Trump campaign or Russian Federation.

Pressed further, Page said, "He was not the first person that brought me in".

Nice scoop here from the Washington Post reporting that the Federal Bureau of Investigation sought a court order last summer to monitor Trump campaign aide Carter Page, and a judge found probable cause to approve that warrant as a part of the agency's inquiry into the campaign's Russian ties. Fisa warrants are nearly never made public, and the Post cited unnamed law enforcement and other officials in its report. Podobnyy was secretly recorded commenting on Page's "enthusiasm" and saying he planned to use Page to acquire documents.

Nunes was forced to step aside as chair of the House Intelligence Committee's investigation of Russian election interference due to his mishandling of those reports.

"Who knows what the exact basis of it is", said Page. "I really look forward to seeing it". "Something may have come up in a conversation".

Page, who said he wanted to "get as much information out there as possible", also declined to say who brought him onto the Trump campaign. It was a secret tape made of a Russian agent by the name of Podobnyy who it appeared was trying to recruit Carter Page as an intelligence asset for the Russians.

The warrant, secured under the Federal Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA), means the FBI convinced a federal judge that there was probable cause to believe that Page was acting as an "agent of a foreign power"-in this case, Russia".

He also said he did not recall "every single word that I ever said", but that he would never make or infer such an offer.

While Page denies any involvement in disrupting the Presidential election or having links with Kremlin, his track record suggests that he might have had a special interest in closer ties to Russian Federation. "I can assure you of that", Carter told Tapper.

"Well, that didn't happen until a couple of weeks later, I believe, during the Democratic National Convention, right", said Page. "I will say that I never met him anywhere outside of Cleveland". Revelation of the FISA warrant, he said, shows he is being made a political scapegoat in the Russian Federation probe. Some campaign advisers said that though Page was aggressive in his attempts to submit policy proposals, his ideas were never implemented in campaign strategy or its policy framework. But from August until January, "there were various people I would speak to from time to time, old colleagues, etcetera".

He described those communications as "light contact", that did not involve "discussions of anything substantive or relating to the things that have been accused". While Page said he was traveling in a personal capacity, the school cited his role in the Trump campaign in advertising the speech.

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Page is a U.S. Naval Academy graduate and an investment banker.

"That would be ridiculous", said Page. And this warrant for access to Carter Page's communications is the first indication we have that, in fact, there was someone in the Trump orbit who was tied to the Russian government. I just don't want to have people's lives disrupted.

  • Leroy Wright