Don't intend to make law to regulate food portion in hotels: Paswan

"It's wastage of food and also money people pay for something that they don't eat", said Ram Vilas Paswan. There was no point in serving four idlis when a person could eat only two or serving six prawns if a person could eat only two, the minister was quoted as saying. "Consumers are unable to make use of the same, but they have to cough out excess payment", he said adding moreover, these also lead to "wastage of food".

Ram Vilas Paswan, however, denied that he was inspired by PM Modi's comments on food wastage and said he was acting on his own initiative.

Levying service charge on restaurant bills can soon become a thing of the past as the government plans to issue an advisory to states asking them to crack down on eateries that are imposing the charge on food and drink bills.

The Prime Minister Narendra Modi raised concerns about food wastage in the country in his programme, Mann ki baat on AIR.

He told a leading news organisation that a lot of food is being wasted at restaurants and called a meeting with the food industry representatives to discuss standardisation of how much could be served.

Food courts in Countries like France and Germany do not allow its customers to leave food on the plates and ask them to order only what they could eat. In a short interview (video above), he only suggested that restaurants indicate the size of their portions, so that consumers know how much they need to order.

The instructions, he added, will apply to "standard hotels" and not dhabas that "usually serve thalis". We can't even finish half of what is on our plates and then leave it uneaten.

Expressing similar views, HRAWI President Dilip Datwani said: "Although the thought behind this concept is noble and we appreciate it but to implement this idea is highly impractical". Action will be taken in such cases. While many in India sleep on an empty stomach, there are people who waste food in restaurants without giving it a second thought.

  • Salvatore Jensen