Chrissy Teigen Says No Woman Should Be Pressured to Have Kids

The model, who admitted she "never left the house" during her darkest days, has opened up to Refinery29 about her experience, and touched upon the pressure women face to have children.

It's very good news that she's starting to feel better, but the real thing to be excited about is that Teigen is living her postpartum depression out loud so that other women know they aren't alone.

"I put it in a paper towel and I kind of stared at it for a while, and I was like, 'Oh my gosh, this is like a really fantastic booger I got.' Like you get very excited for being able to clear out your kid's nose". Why don't you want kids?'" she says "I don't think any of us should assume all women's goals are to have kids.

During an interview withRefinery 29, the mother of one opened up about moving forward from the emotional and physical pain after the birth of her now 1-year-old daughter, Luna.

"Just know that there's a light on the other side", she says of what advice she'd give those going through a similar situation. "Now, I'm able to look at September, October, November, December, and shake my head at how dark and insane of a period it was", she said.

"Unfortunately, you can only really do that when you're out of it", she adds. There's no other way to explain it. "If you're feeling insane now, it's going to get so much better the next week".

Chrissy Teigen loves picking her daughter's nose. She assures moms everywhere that they'll eventually arrive at a week when the good days outweigh the bad. I just had a bad day a couple days ago. "You naturally change because there's something else that consumes your mind at all times and I don't think you can help that".

Teigen, known for her amusing parenting tweets as well as her thoughts on serious issues, such as postpartum depression, talked about how intently she tries to keep Luna booger-free. So often, those moms are the kind who allow people to see them authentically. In fact, she's going to have a busy summer: Her plan is to work on the cookbook a bit and then go on tour with husband John Legend (and baby Luna) and then finish up her book when she gets back.

The model also said she had made a "mistake" in presuming most people understood the process of IVF.

"We didn't create a little girl", she wrote at the time.

  • Salvatore Jensen