Breaking down former Alabama Gov. Robert Bentley's alleged affair saga

Bentley and Mason both initially denied their affair - and Bentley frequently denied allegations that he spent tax dollars and abused his office to hide the illicit relationship with Mason, a married mother of three. It will be transparent. His staff gave him a standing ovation as he entered and exited the old House chamber.

The committee on Monday started what was expected to be days of hearings.

She held two terms as state treasurer and ran for governor in 2010, entering a crowded GOP primary field that included ex-Gov. In 2006, a federal jury convicted him on charges that he sold a seat on a state regulatory board to HealthSouth founder Richard Scrushy in exchange for $500,000 in donations to Siegelman's signature political issue, his 1999 campaign to establish a state lottery. The Republican governor alienated many of his fellow Republicans in the legislature - ironically (in light of subsequent events), for morally sound reasons.

The last US governor to be impeached was Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich in 2009. Jeff Sessions was selected by President Trump to serve as US attorney general, Bentley chose Alabama Attorney General Luther Strange to replace Sessions in the Senate.

Voters in the deeply conservative state re-elected Moore as chief justice in 2012, but a state judicial panel suspended him from the post a year ago over an order he issued opposing same-sex marriage. "I worry about loving you so much".

March 2014: First lady Dianne Bentley secretly records a phone call between Bentley and a woman, presumably aide Rebekah Caldwell Mason. I would not vote for her for anything, but I don't want her to fail. She later agreed to switch races, eventually unseating then-lieutenant governor and Democrat Jim Folsom Jr.

Former Law Enforcement Secretary Spencer Collier, who a day after being fired by Bentley past year held a news conference where he publicly revealed the affair accusation, said he feels vindicated by the resignation and plea deal.

Attached to the report were exhibits that included dozens of text message exchanges between Bentley and Mason expressing their love and devotion for each other that Bentley accidentally sent former first lady Dianne Bentley.

Then previous year, the state's top police officer - fired by Mr Bentley - provided news organisation with salacious details of the secret romance.

The official alleged that he had been fired due to having discovered text messages and audio recordings documenting a long-standing sexual relationship between Bentley and Mason. And then the House Judiciary Committee's attorney released a whooping 3,000 page report filled with bombshells - from the salacious (answering his hotel room door in his underwear, thinking it was Mason on the other side, when it was actually fellow staffers) ones that seemed to indicate some wrongdoing, like threatening his wife's staffer who helped her compile the recordings, and trying to get Alabama law enforcement aid in covering up the affair.

August 28, 2015: Dianne Bentley files for divorce after 50 years of marriage.

"It's really time for us to look ahead and start moving forward on more pressing matters", Republican Sen.

"That she go ahead an voluntarily cancel the illegal setting of US Senate election which had been set by her predecessor of November 2018 election cycle if she does that she can get with the secretary of state and figure out when is the quickest time it could be set that would comply with the law and hopefully she'll do that", says Zeigler.

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