US, N Korea Military Confrontation Looms for April 15

3243 v2 (00:16~00:39) "President Xi wants to do the right thing". We had a very good bonding.

Chinese forces in North Korea would "be in a position to force a coup or force Kim's hand" to disarm, said Tack.

If North Korea remains adamant then in my perception USA will attack it with missiles and destroy its nuclear and also missile building capability.

The U.S. will not label China a currency manipulator, President Donald Trump said Wednesday, adding that he would accept a lesser trade deal with China in exchange for their help reining in North Korea. "She's stationed there in the West Pacific region for a reason, she operates freely up and down the Pacific", he said, "and she's just on her way up there because that's where we thought it was most prudent to have her at this time".

China is by far North Korea's largest trading partner. Those joint exercises would take place as the United States armada passed through waters close to Japan, Reuters said. Very powerful. We have submarines.

'Had a very good call last night with the President of China concerning the menace of North Korea, ' the U.S. official wrote on his personal Twitter account. USA officials said Trump was considering sanctions that could include an oil embargo, banning North Korea's airline, intercepting cargo ships, and punishing Chinese banks doing business with it.

A series of provocative North Korean missile tests have stoked fears in Washington that Pyongyang may soon have an intercontinental ballistic missile capable of delivering a nuclear warhead to the United States mainland.

The flotilla includes the Nimitz-class aircraft supercarrier USS Carl Vinson, a carrier air wing, two guided-missile destroyers and a guided-missile cruiser. That occurred while Trump and Chinese President Xi Jinping met at the southern White House at the president's Mar-a-Lago estate in Palm Beach, Florida.

Euan Graham, director of the International Security Program at Sydney's Lowy Institute, said the Korean peninsula was the focus of a "game of chicken" between Trump and Kim - much to China's dismay.

However, Beijing also said it would not countenance measures that could bring about a collapse of the regime, release a flood of refugees across its border, and potentially result in a USA -friendly government taking power in Pyongyang. "And you know, it's very rare that he comes and stays with somebody and spends that much time", Trump said.

"The overt presence of Chinese forces would dissuade the USA from going into that territory because they would run the risk of inviting that larger conflict themselves", said Tack. Xi told Trump that China insists on peace and stability on the Korean Peninsula and advocates resolving the problem through peaceful means.

Tensions are mounting in North Asia amid expectations that North Korea may conduct its sixth nuclear test in defiance of United Nations sanctions and warnings from the Trump administration that it may take military action.

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