US can handle N/Korea alone, Trump tells China

The two leaders held in-depth discussions and reached important consensus on bilateral relations in the new era and on major global and regional issues, said Xi.

Over the decades, North Korea's ruling Kim family has itself used the threat of force against South Korea and Japan as an effective bargaining chip.

Mr Trump and Chinese President Xi Jinping discussed the escalating tensions on the Korean Peninsula on the phone Tuesday night, United States time.

According to the statement, Xi reiterated that China wants a denuclearised Korean peninsula and called for peace and stability.

Trump's comments on North Korea came after a pair of tweets in which the president seemed to suggest that he would sweeten the terms of a trade agreement with China if Beijing assists in solving the North Korean "problem" - but that the prepared to move forward in the western Pacific without Chinese help.

Trump also dialed up his rhetoric on North Korea during an interview that aired on Fox Business Network on Wednesday.

"We hope that China will play their role as a responsible world power with most influence over that particular regime", he said, adding that China now appeared to be "stepping up to that role".

Japan's act of solidarity with Donald Trump's "armada" follows the U.S. president's warning that Washington would act alone against North Korea if Beijing failed to rein in its wayward ally.

Trump and Xi met on Thursday and Friday at the USA leader's Mar-a-Lago estate in Florida - their first face-to-face talks, aimed at breaking the ice between the leaders of the world's top two economies.

North Korea has since warned that a nuclear attack on the United States would be imminent should the Trump administration show signs of aggression in the western Pacific.

Regarding the USA navy strike force's arrival in the western Pacific, Lu said: "We hope all parties will refrain from irresponsible actions that would be very risky at the moment". "I think there is no evidence that North Korea has that capability at this time", he said.

The strike group, which deployed with about 6,500 sailors, is still some way south, conducting exercises with the Australian navy.

"We are sending an armada, very powerful".

They said the Japanese Maritime Self Defence Force and the US Navy could conduct helicopter landings on each other's ships, as well as communication drills, as the US ships pass through waters close to Japanese territory.

The USS Carl Vinson aircraft carrier strike group is headed to the region and the US has also deployed an aircraft that specializes in detecting radioactive debris to Okinawa, Japan.

In Wednesday's phone conversation, Trump said the meeting with Xi was a success.

Xi's comments came after the USA president tweeted that China should do more on the issue Washington sees as an increasingly urgent threat, or the US would go it alone.

Yesterday (April 11) on Twitter, the U.S. leader called on China to help solve problems with North Korea.

Talk of war has spread on South Korean social media, but the country's Foreign Ministry spokesman Cho June Hyuck said the speculation of imminent war is "groundless", as the USA will not seek military options against Pyongyang without coordination with Seoul.

She also called for the United States and China to work together and exert political pressure on Pyongyang.

In a statement Tuesday, North Korea's Foreign Ministry said the aircraft carrier deployment "goes to prove that the US reckless moves for invading. have reached a serious phase". There is also fear the country's nuclear program is progressing.

  • Leroy Wright