United Airlines Controversy: New Footage Shows Passenger's Conversation With Security

Oscar Munoz said "this will never happen again", adding that the last Sunday incident, which knocked $1 billion off the firm's share price, was a "system failure".

According to NBC News, three of the officers involved have been placed on administrative leave. "The employees' collective bargaining agreement prohibits the CDA from releasing their names at this time".

As of Tuesday, Dao was still in a Chicago hospital from injuries he sustained when airport security snatched him from his seat aboard United Flight 3411 to Louisville, Kentucky, his lawyer said.

Paul Callan, a civil and criminal trial lawyer in NY, said the public outcry over Dao's treatment would likely push the airline to a quick and generous settlement.

New video footage has emerged of the United Airlines incident, and it shows the tense conversation leading up to the forcible removal of passenger Dr. David Dao.

Lawyers for the passenger dragged from a United Airlines plane in Chicago filed an emergency request with an IL state court on Wednesday to require the carrier to preserve video recordings and other evidence related to the incident. The officer replies, "Well, we'll have to drag you".

As Dao was forcibly removed his head was slammed into a nearby seat rendering him semi-conscious and blood streaming from his nose and mouth.

Attorneys for the passenger, David Dao, filed court papers earlier today asking the airline and the city of Chicago to preserve evidence in the case. "We are not going to put a law enforcement official onto a plane to take them off ... to remove a booked, paid, seated passenger; we can't do that".

United also said it would compensate all passengers on Dr Dao's flight.

Other passengers on Flight 3411 are heard saying, "Please, my God", "What are you doing?", "This is wrong", "Look at what you did to him" and "Busted his lip".

Mideast carriers are having fun at United Airlines' expense.

The passenger was identified as Dao, a 69-year-old physician from Elizabethtown, Ky. "No one should ever be treated this way", Munoz said. Those documents are often the first steps toward a lawsuit.

No passengers on the plane have mentioned that Dao did anything but refuse to leave the plane when he was ordered to do so.

A video of the man being pulled from his seat after he refused to leave the full plane has been seen around the world and resulted in harsh criticism for United and Aviation Department police.

  • Zachary Reyes