Trump says NATO not obsolete, reversing campaign stance

At least, that's how many we found.

"Our mission in Afghanistan is a major contribution to the fight against worldwide terrorism".

The meeting could be colored by the fact that Trump has previously called the alliance "obsolete", but aides said the discussion would focus on ways to goad North Atlantic Treaty Organisation member countries to increase military spending and focus more attention on stopping terror attacks. "It's no longer obsolete". In fact, the first time the alliance ever invoked its mutual defense pact was in response to the September 11 attacks. "It is no longer obsolete", Trump said during a news conference with NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg on Wednesday evening, adding that the alliance was increasing cooperation to stem terror attacks, among other steps. The president has also persistently pushed for member countries to shoulder their fair share to the defense organization.

HORSLEY: This is still a persistent complaint for the president. "And then they started saying Trump is right".

The president said it was "disappointing" to see "vicious and violent" images of babies dying, 'fathers holding children in their arms that were dead, dead children. "And it's extremely expensive to the United States, disproportionately so".

He said Russian Federation "could have known" about the attack and chosen not to stop it, but said he hopes they did not. Russian Federation will be our biggest neighbour.

The United States contributed more than 22% of the organization's budget in 2016, according to White House data, which constituted 3.6% of U.S. GDP at $664 billion, far outpacing all other members. That is certainly coloring US relations with Moscow. He spoke about that downturn today.

He went on to say that relations between the two countries "may be at all time low".

He said by the time he was "finished" with his presidency, the world would be a better place: 'Right now it's nasty'.

President Trump on the Export-Import Bank in April 2017: "It's a very good thing".

However, flip-flops do come in pairs, and in an interview with the Wall Street Journal, the president offered his second reversal of the day. He said China is not manipulating its currency, a concession in return for its crackdown on North Korea. Experts said the change was not especially significant, and Trump wasn't the catalyst.

  • Joanne Flowers