Spicer: Trump wanted to clear up 'blurred' line between him and Bannon

A "person with firsthand knowledge of internal White House dynamics" told The New York Times that while no change is imminent, Trump's comments and recent demotions of Bannon have made it very hard for the chief strategist to keep his job and his pride and status.

In an interview with The New York Post, the president said "I like Steve" and called his adviser "a good guy" - but one who wasn't really all that involved with his winning election campaign.

Continuing the Trump administration's connection with Russia, Kushner met with the Russian ambassador, Sergey I. Kislak.

Then, just in case anyone missed the point (they didn't), Trump added: "Steve is a good guy, but I told them to straighten it out or I will". It was a rare public warning shot heard across Washington.

Bannon allies in the White House were blindsided by Trump's remarks and "are distraught", according to a report this morning from Axios.

Later, Spicer publicly apologized for having forgotten in that moment that Hitler killed millions of people - mainly Jews - in gas chambers filled with Zyclon B, a chemical.

The Times said "the ideologist who enjoyed the president's confidence became increasingly embattled as other advisers, including Mr. Trump's daughter and son-in-law, complained about setbacks on health care and immigration".

President Trump meets with top military leaders tonight.

The Trump campaign had difficulty balancing the fact that white nationalism, and white supremacists, were supportive of Trump and the need to push back against them publicly.

Fittingly enough, a Trump White House leaker is already signaling that the cease-fire is likely only temporary. A Manafort spokesman said Wednesday Manafort would be registering as a foreign lobbyist.

While it's nice to have a moderating force actively combating the extremist hold on the Trump administration, it's clear that Kushner is not necessarily ideal. Bannon interviewed Trump at least nine times in 2015 and 2016 and members of his family and campaign on many other occasions. Trump decided against the idea, but the two kept in touch, and Bannon gave Trump admiring coverage. "They're not there to serve themselves", New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, a rival-turned-supporter of Trump, said on CNN's "New Day".

The FBI obtained a secret court order last summer to monitor Page's communications because the government had reason to believe Page was acting as a Russian agent, The Washington Post reported Tuesday. The former TV producer and right-wing documentary filmmaker also served as CEO of Breitbart News. Page said a "tremendous amount of false evidence" is out there. He now runs Global Energy Capital, a firm describes as focused on energy sectors in emerging markets.

In an interview with Fox News, Vice President Mike Pence said the move was not a demotion for Bannon, but instead "a natural evolution to ensure the National Security Council is organized in a way that best serves the president in resolving and making those hard decisions".

  • Leroy Wright