Samsung's Bixby Won't Have Voice Control Until After the Galaxy S8 Launches

"Samsung Electronics said the 6GB-RAM Galaxy S8 Plus will be initially sold in South Korea, but plans to expand the sales to other countries will be considered depending on market's demand". Samsung did not take that path. Even the "Bixby Reminder", the feature that helps the user set reminders for certain important events will be completely functional when the Galaxy S8 and S8+ arrive.

Bixby Voice was heavily promoted by the Korean tech firm when it announced the Samsung Galaxy S8 last month.

It's also not clear whether Bixby Voice will be available at launch in other English-speaking areas, such as the United Kingdom and Australia.

While no official reason or explanation has been provided by Samsung in the aftermath of the statement, it is considered an open secret that Bixby has been experiencing bugs and issues. Built to reduce Samsung's reliance on Google's technology and create its own ecosystem of devices, Bixby replaces Google Assistant as the default voice app on the Galaxy S8. Some analysts said that many Galaxy users may have opted to depend on Google Assistant anyway, as it was more well-known.

If you're one of the folks who pre-ordered a Galaxy S8 and eagerly awaiting Bixby, The Next Web offers a really cool work around that utilizes the Bixby Button to launch Googe's assistant.

Samsung revealed that Bixby is different from Siri or Google Now because it integrates text and camera-powered queries aside from voice capabilities. It will also let you snap a picture of a product - a pair of tennis shoes, a bottle of wine - and use the image to search for places where you can buy them.

This is a crucial launch for Samsung. By delaying the launch in one of its biggest markets worldwide, where reputations are formed and lost, Samsung could be looking to avoid another disaster, albeit a software one rather than a hardware. With Bixby, they reportedly only wish to make navigating their devices easier for people.

Samsung said earlier this week that its pre-orders for the Galaxy S8 are better than those for its previous phones.

  • Arturo Norris