Russia blocks UN Security Council condemnation of Syria attack

Putin said Wednesday that U.S. -Russia relations have "degraded" since President Trump took office.

Russian President Vladimir Putin denounced the strike as "act of aggression" and said it violated worldwide law.

Mr Lavrov said that the US had provided no evidence that it interfered in the 2016 election despite repeated requests.

Only weeks ago, it appeared that Trump, who lavishly praised Putin throughout the campaign, was poised for a potentially historic rapprochement with Russian Federation.

Boris Johnson has urged Russian Federation to stop "acting as a lifeline for Assad's murderous regime" in Syria and instead to "live up to its responsibilities as a global power". But he clearly wasn't counting on it.

It comes after US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson met his Russian counterpart Sergey Lavrov in Moscow to discuss the escalating tensions in Syria, where he admitted there were "low levels of trust" between the two nations.

Syria and Russian Federation "have sought to confuse the world community about who is responsible for using chemical weapons against the Syrian people in this and earlier attacks", according to an intelligence assessment released by the White House.

However, Trump also said Mr Tillerson's Moscow meetings went better than expected.

However, the BBC's Steve Rosenberg in Moscow says President Assad is Russia's key military ally in the Middle East and Mr Tillerson may need to rethink his belief that he can weaken Moscow's support for him. The Pentagon has been looking for any evidence that Moscow knew about or was complicit in the attack in Idlib province that killed at least 80 people and injured dozens more, the CNN reported quoting a senior United States defense official as saying.

It was wrong to blame Assad without knowing the facts, he said.

But Lavrov, on Thursday, offered a speck of optimism for the future of the relationship between the two Cold War foes.

It was also the first official trip by a prominent member of Mr Trump's cabinet.

Earlier in the day, Russian officials leveled a barrage of criticism against President Donald Trump's administration.

El secretario de Estado norteamericano, Rex Tillerson, a la izquierda, y el ministro ruso de Exteriores, Serguei Lavrov, antes de sus conversaciones en Moscú, Rusia, el miércoles 12 de abril de 2017. "And we suspect that they have help", a U.S. military official said on April 7. "I think it's very bad for mankind". "No one showed us anything, no one said anything, although we repeatedly asked to produce the details on which these unfounded accusations lie".

The officials rejected Russia's claim that terrorists or rebels carried out the attack. Putin had even honored Tillerson a friendship award. U.N Ambassador Nikki Haley has said the prepared to "do more". Tillerson conceded the two world powers had "sharp differences" that have obstructed cooperation but voiced optimism that their talks could narrow those differences.

But such hopes appeared optimistic as the diplomats outlined their sharply diverging views on Syria.

The White House said in a declassified intelligence assessment that it "is confident that the Syrian regime conducted a chemical weapons attack, using the nerve agent sarin". And he suggested that possible war crimes charges could be levied against the Syrian leader.

Trump's comments on the state of U.S.

While the most immediate U.S.

The U.S. says Syrian President Bashar Assad's government carried out the attack and accuses Russian Federation of trying to deflect blame from Assad.

Trump and others have indeed threatened similar action. He tells Fox Business Network that Putin's support for Assad is "very bad for Russian Federation".

The talks were a test of US-Russia relations which have been marred with questions over Syria, and alleged meddling in the US elections.

Assad said the US and Syria could still be allies "if they are serious in fighting terrorists".

  • Julie Sanders