President Trump Says NATO Is 'No Longer Obsolete'

Despite growing tension, the air strike is something that Trump says he does not regret especially after watching what the USA claims was an attack by Syrian dictator Bashar Al-Assad against his own people.

Trump "has been very firm that he is 100% committed to Nato", a White House official said, a position "probably reinforced by everything that Russian Federation is doing". Trump stood by the decision on Wednesday, calling Bashar Assad a "butcher" and saying: "I have absolutely no doubt we did the right thing".

SCOTT HORSLEY, BYLINE: Well, part of it is that chill in U.S. -Russia relations, especially after last week's chemical weapons attack by Russia's ally Syria and the retaliatory strike by the United States.

Beyond Syria, Russia's alleged meddling in the USA presidential election also hovered over what was the first face-to-face encounter between Putin and any Trump administration Cabinet member.

Although Trump has since vowed to increase US defense spending to restore what he says is a depleted military, NATO's price tag has been his sticking point. We're a very strong country.

She shared the post to her more than 1.4 million followers, attracting a wider range of reactions, some approving of her assessment of Trump and others disapproving.

Stoltenberg, for his part, agreed that North Atlantic Treaty Organisation "can and must do more in the global fight against terrorism", while pushing for countries who haven't been living up to their commitment to spend 2% of their GDP on defense to ramp up their contributions to the organization. "It'd be a fantastic thing if we got along with Putin and if we got along with Russian Federation, and that could happen, and it may not happen; it may be just the opposite". -China talks to crack down on North Korea.

Trump repeated his belief that the world "is a mess", but said by the time he finishes in office, "it's going to be a lot better place to live". "So, I felt we had to do something about it. We will see how that all works out".

"If Russia didn't go in and back this animal [Assad], you wouldn't have a problem right now", Trump said.

Likewise, Trump wants to cut by half the number of refugees the USA takes in.

"It's insane what's going on, whether it's the Middle East or the Ukraine, wherever you look it's got problems, so many problems", Trump said.

They also said that Montenegro's membership will strengthen United States national security and send a strong message to Russian Federation, which is "trying to occupy its neighbors and change the worldwide order".

  • Leroy Wright