North Korea activity at nuclear site in progress, report says

He also that solving the standoff wasn't "as simple as people would think" because China's long history with North Korea made it more hard for it to crack down on the rogue nation's nuclear weapons program.

Trump, like other recent U.S. leaders, hopes to pressure China into using its economic ties to North Korea as a way to push Kim Jong Un to end his nuclear programme.

China's State-run news agency Xinhua reported Wednesday that Xi told Trump that China sticks to the target of the "denuclearisation of the Korean Peninsula" and that China is committed to peace and stability in the region.

President Donald Trump said he's leaning on China's President Xi Jinping to put enough pressure on North Korea for the regime to back off its nuclear weapons and missile development, which has raised tension throughout Asia.

North Korea may be preparing for its next nuclear test at its site in Punggye-ri.

Xi's comments came after Trump tweeted that China should do more on an issue that Washington sees as an increasingly urgent threat, or else the US would go it alone. If not, we will solve the problem without them!

"China advocates to resolve the issue through peaceful means, and is willing to maintain communication and coordination with the USA on the Korean Peninsula issue", the statement quoted Xi as saying.

Trump and other USA officials have repeatedly called on China to leverage its status as North Korea's biggest economic partner and source of food and fuel aid to force Pyongyang to abandon its nuclear weapons program.

There are fears that North Korea will mark the 105th anniversary of the birth of Kim Il-sung, the nation's founding father, on Saturday by launching a missile or testing a nuclear device.

The two leaders met for the first time last week at Trump's Mar-a-Lago estate in Florida.

He vowed to "solve the problem" of North Korea with or without Chinese help. "Pyongyang hopes its gamble will work, but all signs point to the opposite direction", the article said.

The two leaders spoke Tuesday night Washington time after Trump said an "armada" of vessels including the USS Carl Vinson carrier was steaming to waters off the Korean Peninsula in a show of force.

"We had a very good bonding", Trump said. Still, he said during an appearance Sunday on ABC's "This Week", the Trump administration has "no objective to change the regime in North Korea". "Very powerful", Mr Trump told the Fox Business Network.

  • Salvatore Jensen