Meet Kay Ivey, Alabama's New Governor

Bentley resigned Monday after facing possible impeachment over allegations that he used state resources to carry out and then hide an extramarital affair with a former top aide: Rebekah Mason, one of his campaign consultants who is also married.

Bentley, 74, was facing criminal investigation when he quit to be replaced by the state's former Lieutenant Governor Kay Ivey.

The report also alleged improper use of state aircraft, and possible irregularities with Bentley's links to companies that paid Mason's salary as manager of his reelection campaign. He did not mention the charges to which he pleaded guilty, or the deal with prosecutors that mandated his resignation.

Their relationship became a topic of speculation in 2015, when his wife of 50 years, Dianne, abruptly filed for divorce.

January 27, 2011: After being elected to two terms in the Alabama House, the dermatologist and one-time Baptist deacon is inaugurated after running on a platform of increasing jobs and not accepting a salary until the state reaches full employment.

After she was sworn in Monday, the 72-year-old Ivey called it a dark day in Alabama but one of opportunity.

"We need a people elected USA senator not a Robert Bentley anointed senator that's not going to fly with all that happened with the Bentley administration and he is now judicially declared and pleaded guilty to being a criminal", says Alabama State Auditor Jim Zeigler.

Amid the fallout, she eventually dropped out of the governor's race and successfully ran for the lieutenant governor seat.

Democrats, like Rep. Rod Scott of Fairfield, says gambling is a partisan issue, that won't change as long as Republicans overwhelmingly control the state government.

An investigative report prepared for the House Judiciary Committee and released last week said Bentley encouraged an "atmosphere of intimidation" to keep the story under wraps and directed law enforcement officers to track down and seize the recordings.

Bentley admitted his mistakes but said serving as Alabama's governor was one of the greatest honors of his life.

Marsh is next in line of succession if Ivey vacates her post.

Mason's wife, Rebekah, was at the center of the scandal that forced former Gov. Bentley to resign from office yesterday.

The report, published Friday, April 7, included testimony from the governor's ex-wife and former staff detailing suspicious text messages and interactions between Bentley and Mason. Dianne Bentley then started collecting evidence on her own. I love that, too'.

ELLIOTT: What's different here, Flowers says, is that Alabama leaders portray themselves as religious conservatives.

Ivey struck a decidedly low-key celebratory tone Monday night following her rise to the governor's office. "If we are going to do what we did the other day, we are going to have to start locking the door".

"We'll just put it in our rear-view mirror and get away from it", said Crawford, who has been a proponent of Bentley's removal from office.

  • Larry Hoffman