Masters-style green jacket bought for $5 sells for $139K

As the long-struggling Sergio Garcia finally raced to the top to win his chance to don the green jacket, an authentic 1950s era Masters jacket turned up on an auction site after being bought for $5 at a thrift store.

Green Jacket Auctions has revealed the jacket which is worn by members of the Georgia club and presented to the victor of the Masters each year was sold on Saturday, a day before Sergio Garcia won this year's renewal. In fact, Augusta National confirmed its authenticity, but didn't offer any more information beyond that.

A Toronto sports journalist who knew its value handed over a blue bill and held on to the blazer for years before selling to a colleague, according to Ryan Carey, whose auction house sold the jacket Saturday for $139,000 US. Augusta National Golf Club has authenticated the jacket, but won't reveal whose it might possibly be. Did a member mistakenly, or intentionally, remove the green jacket from the club's grounds many years ago?

It's still unclear how the jacket ended up in a Toronto thrift store, a mystery that Carey said fuelled bids. "Its internal tagging from Cullum's department store in Augusta unquestionably predates the Cullum's tags inside 1957 Champion Doug Ford's Green Jacket". How did multiple people touch it without actually knowing what it was?

"Those things don't seem to go hand-in-hand - because if someone didn't know what it was, or it was discarded, you wouldn't think they would take the time to cut the name out".

"That was incredible to play with Ben who was an absolute Masters specialist and Jose Maria who was the champion that year", said Els, who lifted the US Open trophy a few weeks after his Augusta debut.

"It's just a insane story".

The four-times major champion and former world number one has never worn the Augusta Green Jacket, two runners-up spots being the highlights of his 23 trips to the year's first major.

  • Leroy Wright