Louis sues NFL, teams over Rams relocation to LA

The lawsuit claims the league violated those guidelines "and instead focused exclusively on whether more money could be made in Los Angeles - a factor which does not justify relocation under the Policy", the lawsuit states. The plaintiffs are seeking over $1 billion in damages, claiming that the league violated its own relocation policies in approving the Rams' move to Los Angeles, a decision that inflicted great economic harm on the place the team had called home for 21 years. "And make sure we can do whatever we can to make sure that the team is successful in the St. Louis market". The legal theories are breach of contract, unjust enrichment, fraudulent misrepresentation by the Rams and Kroenke, fraudulent misrepresentation by the league, and unlawful interference with business expectations. It also says that about $7.5-million in property tax and $1.4-million in sales tax revenue, plus "millions" in earning taxes.

The league and the owners made hundreds of millions from the Rams move and in the process betrayed a legion of die hard football fans and public officials who attempted to deal with the NFL in good faith.

As expected "Silent Stan" has remained silent over the allegations and the team has not released a statement.

The move comes 15 months after the team departed.

In the end. I'm not sure how far this gets. In addition, given that the Rams paid the league a $550 relocation fee, "the move to Los Angeles enriched the NFL improperly". At the time, the city said that the state would pay for the rest of the stadium.

The NFL has allowed three teams to relocate in a little more than a year. The first being when the Cardinals moved from St. Louis to Arizona.

The lawsuit was filed by attorneys with St. Louis law firms Blitz, Bardgett & Deutsch L.C. and Dowd Bennett LLP.

If the Rams thought they were going to get a clean break from the city of St. Louis, they thought wrong.

  • Leroy Wright